Friday, May 25, 2012


After a couple weeks diverging our idea, meeting with mentors and validating our idea with everyone we came to a point of no return. The intensity of the program has made us sure that our idea is becoming stronger, and on the other hand, the variables are increasing more and more. At this point we are sure to be developing a truly great service, thanks to the help of the mentors and our coaches. It will surely see the light of day!

Last week we came across with a story in the portuguese news that kind of validated our idea. The winds are changing and people are realizing that there isn't actually the need of owning a car in order to move around a city.

Instead of just buying a scooter, just wait a few months and you will be able to use our service ;)

By the way... In order to build a better service we are asking people to answer a little survey. It will only take a few minutes: Questionário sobre Mobilidade Urbana.


The VeLx Team: Tiago, Luis & Tiago

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