Monday, May 21, 2012

Urbiflow - Week 2

Hi again,

After 2 weeks of betastart we are starting to get serious and to question some of details of our startup. Is this the right product? The right Business Model? Focus on the client or the end-user? And that is...great!

We have always beared in mind that we might have to change a lot on our startup but this is the right time and place to do that. We are being followed by the most experient entrepreneurs/mentors/coaches and so on and so forth. They are the people more qualified to put us in the right path!

The overall of the week 2 of betastart is positive, great workshops and like I said, it started to get serious. The first approach to the concepts like the business plan and roadmap.

But the more important was the first step out of the comfort zone and towards the developing of something that one day can really be Urbiflow, and we approach potential clients/partners.

We are surely looking for week 3 of beta-start!

From Urbiflow the best regards,
Tiago Vieira

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