Monday, May 14, 2012

Beta-Start Transports and Energy - VeLx Project Week 1

The first week of Beta-Start couldn't have been more surprising and rewarding. From day one the inputs we have been receiving have been extremely helpful to the development of our idea and to our growth as entrepreneurs and we have realized that our idea is in constant motion.  

The Schedule has been very intense, but everyone, since the organizers, mentors, speakers and other team members have contributed to a very collaborative and hands on environment in order to bring our idea to a state of constant evolution.

The tools we have been developing have been very helpful to structure and strengthen the main concepts behind the big picture, in order to understand who our clients are and how we will make our idea a true functional and agreable user experience.

Besides all the work, there has also been a few times of relax and bond with everyone, seizing the conditions that only our privileged location and natural resources can offer :)

Looking foward for what's to come. Stay tuned!

Tiago, Luis & Tiago

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