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Beta-start 6th edition: applications are now open!

Beta-i is proud to announce the next edition of Beta-start, which will be focus on Sea and Life Science.

Beta-start is an acceleration program from Beta-i designed to help early and seed stage entrepreneurs turning their ideas into a viable and successful business. Throughout the 6 week program entrepreneurs are challenged to improve their prototype and business model with the support of expert mentors and trainers along with a collaborative and hands-on approach.

Beta-start is a free startup acceleration program for startups, organized by Beta-i in partnership with Billy The Group and with the support of CGD, FLAD, SAGE, CHARTIS, EASYPAY, BLUEPHARMA. The program will take place in Lisbon from September 15th to October 30th. (Check the Calendar)

Acknowledging the relevance of your institution, we would like to request your collaboration in the dissemination of this event. To this end, please find attached some files related to our program (calendar, portuguese version, logo, banners and photos) and below some additional information and contacts.

More information on Beta-start:
Telephone: 967592759

Feedback: How is the feeling of being a beta-starter?

Bernardo Alves
Bernarndo Alves, IZIMOOVE, Beta-starter from the 5th edition
"The Beta-Start Program, itself a kind of start-up, was an unsurpassed experience for the launch of the new design IZIMOOVE. The dedication of all employees and volunteers of Beta-i and its network of partners, scored very positively how we will face all the challenges ahead. We were full of expectations and willing to collaborate on several initiatives that we know are in preparation."

Tiago Nuno Matos, VeLX Beta-starter from the 5th edition
"It was extremely intense and demanding, but definitely rewarded for the personal and professional enrichment. I knew beforehand that the greatest impediment is the start. Throughout the program,and with all the "tools" that I discovered, I’ve learned to deal with the inevitable "error" of who does and the opportunities created by these "errors": rethink, restart and go forward."

Why are we selecting startups with a focus on Life Sciences and Medical activities?

Portugal has been investing on life sciences research and the medical cluster is already one of the biggest national economic sectors with numerous companies developing cutting edge treatments. Recently created institutes like the Champalimaud Foundation along with well established institutions like IBMC, as well as the creation of research centers like Biocant devoted to the study of life sciences, motivates and provides useful tools to new entrepreneurs in this area.

Science is gaining ground on the Portuguese economic growth and medical startups are already shaking the way doctors connect with patients. Everyday we see so many new potential sources of innovation enchanced by widely available smartphones, that have more CPU power than genome sequencers of only some years ago, and this will allow technology to drive medical care access to more people and at a lesser cost.

Portugal has already proved to have an enormous potential to innovate in the areas of Life Sciences, in fact our first Nobel prize won the Medicine award. Times are now more exciting then ever to do much more and we need to explore ways to take innovations to the market.

Why are we selecting startups with a focus on Sea activities?

From many, the Sea is today not only seen as the mean to perform traditional tasks such as fisheries and shipping, but a potential source of wealth greatly enhanced by our exclusive economic zone and continental shelf. The seas and oceans represent a means of communication and transport essential in the increasingly globalized world, a source of food and pharmaceuticals, energy and geological resources. Apart from the use associated to these activities, the Sea and the coastal areas have an essential role in the welfare and quality of life of societies, and through sporting and leisure and Tourism activities.

Portugal is committed to the promotion of innovative ways of sustainable use of resources of the seas, contributing to the economic development of the Sea and maritime industries, investing in science and marine technologies, creating jobs, promoting education and sport related activities.

We are looking for entrepreneurs with an international agenda that have ideas that will shake up the Sea and Life Science industries, developing innovative and sustainable startups, with an international focus. Let's create an exciting space in Lisbon so that these new startups may be born!


5th September at Pavilhão do Conhecimento

In the first week of September we will conduct Beta-Trends! This will be free warm up session, open to everyone. There you will meet a panel of experts who will give you valuable insights on business opportunities and the potential underlying of Sea & Life Sciences clusters.

Candidates, sponsors, institutes and people interested can attend Beta-Trends and understand the industry trends with a deeper view. Held in Lisbon at Pavilhão do Conhecimento, we’ll choose a panel of motivated people that promise to inspire the development of this area and that will question issues on the potential to create business value.

This will also be a great opportunity for you to learn more about Beta-Start, participate in networking and maybe even meet some potential business partners! So what are you waiting for?

Grasp this ocean of opportunities and sign up now for Beta-trends day! 
Just follow the link:

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