Friday, May 25, 2012


After a couple weeks diverging our idea, meeting with mentors and validating our idea with everyone we came to a point of no return. The intensity of the program has made us sure that our idea is becoming stronger, and on the other hand, the variables are increasing more and more. At this point we are sure to be developing a truly great service, thanks to the help of the mentors and our coaches. It will surely see the light of day!

Last week we came across with a story in the portuguese news that kind of validated our idea. The winds are changing and people are realizing that there isn't actually the need of owning a car in order to move around a city.

Instead of just buying a scooter, just wait a few months and you will be able to use our service ;)

By the way... In order to build a better service we are asking people to answer a little survey. It will only take a few minutes: Questionário sobre Mobilidade Urbana.


The VeLx Team: Tiago, Luis & Tiago

Monday, May 21, 2012

Urbiflow - Week 2

Hi again,

After 2 weeks of betastart we are starting to get serious and to question some of details of our startup. Is this the right product? The right Business Model? Focus on the client or the end-user? And that is...great!

We have always beared in mind that we might have to change a lot on our startup but this is the right time and place to do that. We are being followed by the most experient entrepreneurs/mentors/coaches and so on and so forth. They are the people more qualified to put us in the right path!

The overall of the week 2 of betastart is positive, great workshops and like I said, it started to get serious. The first approach to the concepts like the business plan and roadmap.

But the more important was the first step out of the comfort zone and towards the developing of something that one day can really be Urbiflow, and we approach potential clients/partners.

We are surely looking for week 3 of beta-start!

From Urbiflow the best regards,
Tiago Vieira

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mycro Gifts - User Questionnaire

Hello Beta-Starters, we're in a stage where your help is needed. This is a form that will help us tune our idea closer to the final product. If you can share it with your friends it would be an awesome help.

Thank you very much.

Alexandre Simões
Mycro Gifts

Monday, May 14, 2012

Beta-Start Transports and Energy - VeLx Project Week 1

The first week of Beta-Start couldn't have been more surprising and rewarding. From day one the inputs we have been receiving have been extremely helpful to the development of our idea and to our growth as entrepreneurs and we have realized that our idea is in constant motion.  

The Schedule has been very intense, but everyone, since the organizers, mentors, speakers and other team members have contributed to a very collaborative and hands on environment in order to bring our idea to a state of constant evolution.

The tools we have been developing have been very helpful to structure and strengthen the main concepts behind the big picture, in order to understand who our clients are and how we will make our idea a true functional and agreable user experience.

Besides all the work, there has also been a few times of relax and bond with everyone, seizing the conditions that only our privileged location and natural resources can offer :)

Looking foward for what's to come. Stay tuned!

Tiago, Luis & Tiago

First week feedback

Hi, this last week has been a very rewarding experience at the Beta-Start program. We've learned, we've made friends, connections and found new places to work. The next video is a usage scenario of our project MyCro Gifts. It came out from the last design hackathon and i hope you enjoy it.

Best regards,
Alexandre Simões
Co-Founder of MyCro Gifts

Sunday, May 13, 2012

First Week - BetaStart


I'm Tiago from Urbiflow. I'd like to answer the call from André Marquet to share my experience during this program. So far has been fantastic, it was a great first week and things can only get better. Some cool projects are being developed with the blessing of BetaStart and the collegues are very friendly.

The program has been very hands-on. Some neat workshops on different subjects that I never thought I'd be doing and could be helpful to my future ventures. And the mentoring has been incredibly insightful, giving some great tips and guiding through some problems with might encounter in the near future.

The expectations for the next weeks on the program are high, surely!