Thursday, September 27, 2012

Investors Mentorship - October 10th

During the last 2 weeks you could interact with more  than 20 Mentors. Exchange your ideas, get feedback from an expert and feel the market with a different perspective.
Today Pedro Sarmento was with us at MyCoWorkSpace and talked with Project Oceanus and Seniors Click.
Guess what? One more afternoon of mentoring will come, but this time focused on investors. We'll have 3 Investors, doing a Mentorship on the October 10th. Get your hour at "Partilhar" and please don’t schedule anything if you're not sure you will come.
Remember that this is a chance to get in contact with people that will probably make a difference in your business development.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sea & Life Sciences: 9 teams aboard

One week is done with a lot of energy around the 9 teams that are Beta-starting. From surf to whales, diving or touring through Tajo, the environment is full of great ideas and power to make them happen. 
After a Hackathong at we're prepared to the 2nd week and to start the BUILDING part of the program with: Business Plan, Basic Finance, KPIs, Value Proposition or Social web marketing.
Don't miss it and check your calendar!

The Surf Bubble chega a Carcavelos

É a quarta maquina que chega às principais praias do país, desta vez a Carcavelos ao bar Tricana da Barra.