Thursday, March 1, 2012

Day 4: Deloitte comes to Beta-start

This is my first blog post on Beta-start experience. The purpose of this blog is to tell the experience of Beta-start from someone that’s participating on the program from the beginning.

Deloitte came to office this morning to talk about the future of tourism. There are some highlights which I will share with you:

  • Revpar - revenue per available room.
  • 1/3 of market is now on low cost airlines.
  • Load factor on low cost now on 90%, the highest in the industry.
  • Now the most valuable asset are the airport slots on the airports.
  • RevPar in Lisbon is now only 3% below max high (2007).

ROI on several investments:

  • Gold - 500% roi over 10 years
  • Hotels Europe only 7% (less than inflation).
Other thoughts:
  • Passport in UK for who makes investments over a certain value.(why Portugal does not do the same?)
  • To each segment you should present a different value propositon. - I think this is important for creating Beta-I products.
  • G7 in 2025: china, USA, India, Japan, brasil, Russia, Mexico.
  • Biggest growth touristic markets: China, India.
  • Portugal should do not diversify to India because you need lots of money to communicate. Portugal should instead focus on Scandinavia.

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  1. Why Scandinavia and not China? We have an history relation with them...