Saturday, March 3, 2012

Day 6 of Beta-Start: brand and marketing with billy the group

Hi again guys,

Saturday morning, we're having a creativity and branding workshop with Torke from Billy the Group.

We started with Diogo and João(photos below) to explain some basic facts os the marketeer life:

Branding it's not about the way Volvo is written its about the idea behind it.

The brand Germany its about reliability and technology.

Seems a blank page but it's about building around a central idea.

Coca-cola is a good example on innovation management of portfolio.

Moments of truth coined by Jan Carlzon, by Scandinavian Airlines System(SAS) occur any time a customer comes in contact with the company.

Southwest job candidates are invited for an audition on their job hiring process.

Nordstrom is also a good example of superior service quality.

If you don't have a company culture your employees don't have freedom.

Guerrilla Marketing.

Marketing = talking directly to the market (forget the ing)

Fred now talking about Guerrila marketing: maximizing short term results with minimum resources

Urban interventions,Installations, (in Portugal everything is done by the book, paying licenses to city council, etc)
Ambient media, (if you a do a campaign on the wc, you're already making a stance)
PR stunt
Fighting advertising
Online (viral, buzz, ...)
Press kit (because journalists don't like to work)

I love the campaign they did for a mobile company, hijacking the event from another company! (more than 5 years ago).

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