Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Garden of Forking Paths: Part I

As Emerson always told me:

Do not go where the industry may lead, go instead where there is no industry and leave a path.
Or something like that...

And there I went, and I'm still going and growing... and first it seemed so obvious, just follow the directions to success, and how do you measure success? What is success? Is there a path to it?

Seems easy at first, always seemed so... still nowhere to go.

The easy at first path is just chasing a cool work, including some of this steps... be lucky to be born in a great country, if not just move, go to school, have some hobbies, do sports, live and love, forgive and forget, choose a good university, choose a good course, play along and when you're closer to work you realize that the previous steps maybe weren't the right ones... or that the path by itself leads nowhere where you expected and if the system has thought you right you will accept your fate and just choose the most obvious step... go ahead, continue the path... and still nowhere to go.

The other path, which might follow along the same steps, get lucky, get educated, party along, and when faced with the decision to work for someone or do something else, choose the latter.
Where might you end up...somewhere, but now you're on a different path so maybe you can continue this for a while... and is it closer to success? Depends, so there is somewhere to go.

Somewhere new, somewhere which still doesn't exists... but here is a good indicator, if you're not successful yet, it means that success still doesn't exist for you.. and if you're going to somewhere which still doesn't exist maybe you're on getting closer to this equal non existence ... go ahead.

[continued on the next week]

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